My Wavering Relationship with Prophets

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Okay jokes aside, have a seat and let’s gist.

I am that one Pastor’s child who has not been very receptive to Prophets.
Most of the Pastors I knew and had observed from afar were…cool.
In their sermons they preached scriptures.
 Although we might argue that some of what they taught were doctrines built on personal convictions and that their messages were unnecessarily long, well guess what? They talked about what they understood. In those 2 hours of preaching they were quoting scriptures upon scriptures, and hardly ever was it about them and what they had accomplished.
If we are being honest, what we are now hitting hard on is the foundation we have grown from.
Another thing I admired about Pastors was the genuine care and compassion they had for their sheep.
No Social media platform, no Media/Administrative team yet they, with the support of their wives, would visit you in the hospital/ prison/at home, you name it. They had empathy. They showed sympathy.

These qualities I could hardly find in the new breed of Men of God (MOG).
First there was an eagerness to alienate themselves from the title “Pastor” because for some reason it felt like “Pastor” was such a demeaning title to have. In a way , the impression was the Call/Title “Pastor” was synonymous to suffering, it required a level of servitude no one really wanted to subscribe to and, it was a sign that you did not have much significance in the kingdom of God.
And so here came the Prophets,Papas(is this one of the 5 fold ministries?), Bishops, Apostles with a pride and disdain for people I had never witnessed.

Never had I seen people who consistently talked about God yet were surrounded by so much controversy. Sermons were an opportunity to brag about personal possessions and riches. In most cases, testimonies of the things “God” had used them to do were grossly exaggerated. You will see educated men and women sit and believe ridiculous stories (not to say lies because if you do not know, MOG do not lie. They either tell untrue or ridiculous stories). It is the manipulation for me.
There was another side of them I could not reconcile-their relationship with women. I am talking about the rampant stories of adultery, fornication,abortion.
If we had to act the movie we will call it “Holy Lips Nasty Sheets”. 
That was scary for me. Women who could not stand their partners smile at another lady had no problem sharing Papa. “So long as we are all drinking from the “holy” cup”…I guess.

This one last thing kept me baffled:a majority of the young people who served in these churches lacked a sense of commitment in other expects of their lives. I could barely see that balance. It will appear dedication to a Ministry means you cannot do anything apart from faithfully serving in church and I will add that as they served, they did not want anything to do with anyone who was not a part of their community.Hmmm!
This was a little weird for me, coupled with the fact that in spite of all the chaos these people caused, they could not be reprimanded or called to order because, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” ,they will often quote randomly and I dare say, inappropriately.

In the midst of all these I did what I am good at-I ran,mentally.

I will see you again for part 2…


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