About Zodiac Signs !

I found something on the internet which got me thinking for a minute. And what you are about to read is the result of my thought process.I would love to add that this was rather spontaneous and I am happy I am running with it.❤


The Finale


They say comparison is a thief of joy but I guess they spelt criticism wrong .

A critical spirit drains you emotionally and spiritually.
I am talking about the constant need to highlight what is going wrong in the church, what the Man of God should be doing…

Part 2.

Let me digress a little. See eh, the feedback from part 1 has been tremendous. Aiii *sniffs. If we are friends on Facebook I made a whole appreciation video for that.

Once again, Thank you!

So…back to it.

I would be physically present yet mentally absent.
I felt…

Transparency and honesty are some of the values in a relationship that I can’t under look. I love a place where we can both be vulnerable with each other. I know this sounds cliché but I completely shutdown when I don’t find these things. …

When @sandyphils sent me this picture I don’t think she understood why I was completely in love with it. I must have been appreciating photography skills or reminiscing on the work experience we had shared on this day, so she thought. Lol

She was partially correct. But to me, I…

Niba Hananeel (Hanni)

Story teller who equally shares her perspective on real life issues. Oh,best believe you will read about Jesus too. But hey, you will love it.

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